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Bike Walk Life

News and commentary from the world of biking and walking.

Bike Walk Life Archive - page 2

A photograph of three homes, chicopee.
Photo credit: Chris Arnade, from his "Walking America, part 1."

Chris Arnade's "Walking America" blog shows what it's like to walk through American towns.

Chris Arnade has been writing about America’s poor communities for a while now. His book, Dignity, is was one of my favorite books in recent years. Now he’s started a new blog on Substack called Intellectual Inting, where he is publishing a series of posts called “Walking America.” keep reading →

"Good morning!"

One big rule of bicycle etiquette is to warn other people when you approach to pass them. Most cyclists around here shout “on your left.” I use a bell, since I don’t like shouting at people, but either one works. This past week, I encountered another technique in the wild. keep reading →

New study asserts that building bicycle infrastructure does not harm local businesses

Reallocating street space to accommodate bicycles and pedestrians is usually contentious, and a common concern is in how it will impact local businesses. The usual fear is that removing lanes or parking will reduce the number of car-driving customers, and that biking and walking customers won’t pick up the slack. A new paper examines the data and finds little evidence to suggest that these fears are founded. keep reading →

NextCity argues for National Cool Communities Standards to fight “heat islands”

Everyone has to deal with summertime heat, but some people have it worse than others. An under-appreciated problem in our towns is that different districts can have drastically higher temperatures than their neighbors, a phenomenon called “heat islands.” According to V. Kelly Turner and NextCity, it’s time for a “National Cool Communities Standards” to correct this. keep reading →

A collage of photos from Errandonnee 2021.

Errandonnee 2021 wrap-up

Errandonnee is a challenge where you have 12 days to complete 12 errands by bicycle or on foot. This post completes my series of entries for the 2021 challenge. keep reading →

A photo of a bicycle beside a sign saying "BIKE TO WORK DAY."

Bike to Work Appreciation Day

Today is Bike to Work Day where I live. This is a special day where we ask each other to leave our cars at home and commute by bicycle instead. But I believe that it’s equally important to show that we appreciate the people who always bike commute every day, so I also consider today Bike to Work Appreciation Day. keep reading →

A photo of my bicycle in front of a billboard mural with the words "SOUL SHINE" in stylized lettering.

Errandonnee 2021: Errand 3

Errandonnee is a challenge where you have 12 days to complete 12 errands by bicycle or on foot. This page is part of a series of my entries for the 2021 challenge. keep reading →