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Bike Walk Life

News and commentary from the world of biking and walking.


A photograph of John.
Hi, this is John. I’m a bike commuter from Columbus, Georgia. I use this blog to promote and discuss issues affecting the world of biking and walking. I especially focus on the Southeast U.S.

I’ve been a bike enthusiast for several years now. I ride my bicycle to and from work on most days, and I’ve done this while living in one of the most car-dominated cities, in one of the most car-dominated regions, in the world. Even though bike advocates will tell you that riding bicycles is liberating, I can attest that such a counter-cultural lifestyle is not easy.

The name Bike Walk Life comes from the idea that an ideal life is full of plenty of both. Our culture’s dominant, backwards philosophy says that a “normal” person’s life revolves around vehicles, and that walking and biking (outside of designated parks) is even dangerous and should be discouraged.

Bike Walk Life is about individuals and communities that reject the ideas of car-culture and celebrate lives on foot or on pedals. I hope you get something out of this blog, and please feel free to fill out the contact form if you have any comments or feedback.

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