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News and commentary from the world of biking and walking.

Bike Walk Life Archive

Traffic sign that reads: "GA ROADWAY FATALITIES THIS YEAR: 1182 / DRIVE ALERT."

Our transportation system is a disaster to human life, and no one cares

I have believed that one powerful argument in support of transportation reform is to simply show how deadly our car-centric system is. Millions of people have died, and will continue to die, in part from the volume of cars on our roads and how the roads themselves are engineered. But, as damning as that sounds, even die-hard car drivers don’t dispute it. Everyone is aware that our roads are deadly. They just don’t care. keep reading →

Investing in imagination

The Cycling Professor on Twitter often says, regarding bicycle infrastructure, “we have no lack of space, just a lack of imagination.” keep reading →

Mobility as a Hobson’s choice

As more people want to live somewhere with better transportation choices, many communities are promoting their walkability and similar features. But every time a person moves to a “walkable” or “bikeable” neighborhood, they end up driving everywhere anyway. I think our towns are presenting us a Hobson’s choice. keep reading →