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Bike Month 2023 Recap

This May has been another successful Bike Month for us in Columbus, Georgia. This was my first time coordinating it with Bicycle Columbus, and here's a quick recap of what we accomplished. keep reading →

NPR reports on America's deadly roads, but blames under-policing instead of street design

No one can deny that deaths on American roads are higher than ever, but commentators are still free to get creative when deciding who to blame for it. NPR just published a report arguing that rising traffic deaths are mainly caused by law enforcement policies. Nowhere do they mention the ways in which our streets are engineered to be deadly by design. keep reading →

Is Daylight Saving Time good for bicycling?

We in the U.S. turned our clocks back this week, ending Daylight Saving Time until next year. For better or worse, making DST permanent has become politically popular now. But that may not be a bad thing, at least not for biking and walking. keep reading →