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A photo of a sandwich, a mug of coffee, a bicycle helmet, and a GoPro camera on a counter.

My 2022 Coffeeneuring Challenge results

The 2022 Coffeeneuring Challenge has come to an end, and here are my results. This is my second time documenting my rides by video.

If you’re new to Coffeeneuring, you can read about it here on its official website.

Last year, I used the Coffeeneuring Challenge as an opportunity to video-document some typical bike rides in my community. You can see a summary of that year’s effort here. For this round, I picked up the GoPro again but took a slightly different approach. Instead of hosting on YouTube, I used TikTok (and mirrored the videos on Instagram).

I don’t have any strong preference to any platform, but so far TikTok has been the best at connecting my videos with like-minded bicycle riders. I had to get used to trimming the footage down into bite-size lengths, but that also seemed like a good exercise for distilling their most valuable parts. In the end, I believe these are much better than my videos from last year.

These are the details for each ride. I drank coffee in all of them.
Ride #DateTotal milageLocationVideo
1October 83.9 milesMidtown CoffeeWatch on TikTok
2October 96 milesIron Bank CoffeeWatch on TikTok
3October 196.4 milesStarbucksWatch on TikTok
4October 226.3 milesFountain City CoffeeWatch on TikTok
5November 13 milesParker's PantryWatch on TikTok
6November 63.9 milesBurger KingWatch on TikTok
7November 123 milesLakebottom ParkWatch on TikTok

I tried to include a diverse group of locations and routes. This mostly consisted of hip, photogenic cafés, but also some decidedly un-cool chains like Burger King. Biking and hot beverages don’t exist in a bubble, after all. We should be able to bike anywhere in our communities.

You can see more about each individual ride in their respective videos (if you don’t mind dealing with TikTok’s interface). My objective was to convey what it’s like to ride to each of these places. Hopefully, people who don’t ride much outside of bike paths can see these trips as new possibilities.

As always, it was a pleasure to see other bicyclists share their Coffeeneuring trips on social media. One of the best parts of this challenge is the (virtual) camaraderie as we all get out and celebrate our rides.

A special thanks is owed to the Coffeeneuring organizers. And I look forward to next year!

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