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PeopleForBikes 2022 City Ratings

The PeopleForBikes 2022 City Ratings are here. Every year, the organization PeopleForBikes aggregates data and collects stories to rate how bikeable cities across the world are.

You can check out how your city ranks and how you can help improve it for next year here.

This kind of data can provide insight into what your community can improve and what it’s doing well already. I don’t particularly find the overall rating useful (I don’t like how it’s framed as a competition), but the details and stories behind it can be.

For example, Columbus Georgia has a very low score for some factors like access to retail, but a very high score for others like how much ridership we have. This isn’t surprising to me as a resident, but now I have data to back up what was originally just my impression.

Whether good or bad, these numbers can be a starting point for a conversation on what your community can do next.

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