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A photo of a parked bicycle with baskets full of groceries.
A grocery run from Errandonnee 2017.

Erandonnee returns for 2021 in “Hyperlocal Edition”

Errandonnee is an annual challenge for running errands by bike or on foot. After a pandemic-induced hiatus last year, it’s back for 2021.

Read the announcement and rules here.

Errandonnee: Complete 12 errands in 12 consecutive days, and ride, run, and/or walk a total of 30 miles. This year, you pick the 12-day stretch that works for you. Must be between April 15 and June 30.

The term “errandonnee” is a hybrid of “errands” and the French word “randonnee.” String 12 errands into one long ride (or run, or walk) interrupted by sleep and other diversions, and you have an Errandonnee. It’s that simple!

You are not limited to riding a bicycle. You can run, walk, or ride your way to the Errandonnee finish line – or any combination of the three.

Since we’re still recovering from the pandemic, they’ve adjusted the rules to provide a more liberal definition of errand for people who may not be going out in public much anymore. New categories include “history lesson” and “helping hand,” for example.

It still has my favorite category, though: “You carried WHAT?!”

Errandonnee is more formal compared to its sister challenge, Coffeeneuring, but it’s still primarily about getting outside and having fun. You’re given a lot of freedom within the rules, and creativity is encouraged. I’m looking forward to seeing what our fellow Errandonneers come up with!

A bit of personal trivia: I completed Errandonnee for the first time in 2017, and I was the first finisher ever from Georgia. I still have the patch I earned from it.

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