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A photo collage of my bicycle in several locations.

Errandonnee 2021: Errands 8, 9, & 10

Errandonnee is a challenge where you have 12 days to complete 12 errands by bicycle or on foot. This page is part of a series of my entries for the 2021 challenge.

You can read more about Errandonnee here.

Bike Week has officially begun just as I’m nearing the end of my errand spree. Here are my latest three entries before the finishing stretch.

Errand 8: biking to work

I bike to work most days already, so this almost didn’t feel like a real errand to me. I’m privileged to have a commute route that mostly consists of bike paths, bike lanes, flat elevation, and light car traffic. The few spots where I need to climb a hill or cross traffic are relatively safe and manageable.

Pictured below is my bicycle on my commute route with its super-professional-business-looking Ortlieb Urban pannier.

A photo of my bicycle in front of a "no motor vehicles" sign beside a trail.

May 15, 2021
Personal business
Total mileage

Errand 9: church again

Sure, this seems like it’s the same “errand” as my very first one, but I’m pretty certain that it still counts. (It’s really been a week since I began this challenge?)

A photo of my bicycle in front of the church's historic marker.

May 16, 2021
Personal care
Total mileage

Errand 10: coffeeneuring

It’s a crossover episode today. If you’re unfamiliar with coffeeneuring, it’s errandonneering’s little sibling, an annual challenge where we ride our bikes to drink hot beverages. For this errand, I rode to one of our local coffee shops, Midtown Coffee House, for breakfast.

A photo of a coffee cup on a table beside a bicycle helmet.

May 17, 2021
Non-store errand
Total mileage

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