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A photograph of my bicycle on a bridge over the Chattahoochee river.

Looking back at my 2020 Coffeeneuring Challenge

The 2020 Coffeeneuring Challenge was subtitled “One Good Thing” in recognition that it could be at least one silver lining in a wild year. This annual challenge has always been fun for me, and thankfully the 2020 version was no different.

I originally posted these entries on my personal Instagram page. I’ve reposted them here for posterity.

October 10: ride one

A photo of my bicycle in front of Midtown Coffee House.

For my first day of the challenge, I rode about 3.5 miles to Midtown Coffee House for coffee and breakfast. I managed to beat the remnants of hurricane Delta before it hits us later that day.

October 14: ride two

A photo of my bicycle in front of Fountain City Coffee.

I biked 7 miles downtown to Fountain City Coffee to have breakfast. I took a detour across the Chattahoochee river to ride the Alabama side of the river walk before looping around back towards home. Fountain City Coffee was great, as usual!

October 22: ride three

A photo of my bag, helmet, iPad, and coffee on an outdoor table.

A 5.7 mile round trip to Iron Bank Coffee via our Dragonfly Trails. I enjoyed some breakfast on the sidewalk while I wrote a new Bike Walk Life blog post.

October 27: ride four

A photo of my bicycle in front of Parker's Pantry.

I biked 3.3 miles around the neighborhood to check out the Halloween decor this year. I stopped by Parker’s Pantry to get some to-go coffee and lunch.

November 3: ride five

A photo of my bicycle in front of an art piece titled "We Cannot Walk Alone."

For my fifth Coffeeneuring ride, I opted to bring my own coffee in a thermos and ride along the Columbus, GA Riverwalk. I found the latest public art installation, We Cannot Walk Alone. Then I stopped under a tree in the park to enjoy my coffee, away from the crowds and loud rapids.

Total distance: 7.2 miles.

November 8: ride six

A photo of my bicycle in front of a church.

After my usual bike ride to church in the morning, I headed to Fountain City Coffee for lunch. I always like riding on weekends because you see so many more people on the Dragonfly Trails here in Columbus. Plus the traffic is lighter, which always helps!

I rode 6.75 miles and got home just before some gusty rain started drizzling on us.

November 10: ride seven

A photo of my bicycle in front of a sign for "Chattahoochee Riverwalk" and under a pedestrian bridge.

For my final Coffeeneuring 2020 ride, I visited the north end of the Columbus Riverwalk. This was the first time I had been here since they completed the expansion, and I have to say it’s impressive. The new bridge takes you up over the dam and through the old mill. I stopped on top for a while to drink my coffee (packed from home, since there aren’t any cafes way out here). I think this is one of the most (or THE most?) scenic areas in Columbus now. Absolutely worth riding (or walking).

Total distance: 12.5 miles.

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