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A promotional graphic for "Drive Less, Bike More" showing a woman riding a bicycle.

The "Drive Less, Bike More" challenge aims to log 2 million miles in 2022

The League of American Bicyclists has launched their “Drive Less, Bike More” challenge for 2022, and their goal is for Americans to collectively bike at least 2 million miles this year.

Read about Drive Less, Bike more on their official website.

Last year, the League of American Bicyclists and Love to Ride challenged you to transform 1 million car miles into bike miles and you beat that target by a whopping 500,000 miles. Are you ready for your next mission; to ride 2 million miles for transportation?

Be part of the League of American Bicyclists’ goal to inspire more people to see the bike for all of its possibilities: for fitness, for transportation, and for fun!

To participate, you need to register a free account and then log any rides you complete. The rides can be for recreation, commuting, or anything else. The organizers are especially promoting commuting. Since most daily trips in the US are less than three miles, those can become easy bike rides. A lot of small trips help add up to the 2 million goal.

As of this writing, they’ve logged just over 131,000 miles, with a bit less than 1,869,00 left to reach their goal.

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