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America Magazine takes an interest in bicycle commuting

A non-bicycle publication has a new article about the merits of bicycling: John Miller, writing for America, argues that bicycles may be the solution to our many modern problems.

What would Jesus ride? For this pilgrim, the answer is obvious. The technological incarnation of love—for yourself, for your neighbor and for the planet—is a sleek aluminum frame, mounted by a human rider, propelled by two wheels, powered by pedals, crank and chain.


It is hard to name a societal ill that cannot be addressed by societies choosing bikes over cars en masse. And this engine of peace is already invented, perfected and mass-produced. There are an estimated two billion bicycles in the world. In 30 years, there could be as many as five billion. It can’t happen soon enough.

He presents a solid case for the various benefits of bicycles, and readers will probably notice some arguments familiar to the bicycling-blogosphere. It’s great to see these points get traction in circles that aren’t bicycle/mobility/urbanism focused.

Miller also adds some important historical context. A little over a century ago, bicycles were a revolutionary invention. They offered a new kind of mobility and freedom for people. Even though our interstates and suburbs keep car culture dominant today, the original promise that bicycles offer is still there for us.

They can even help fix some of the new problems we’ve invented in the past century, too.

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