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Boston Globe: “I finally biked to work. Was it worth it?”

Boston Globe columnist Shirley Leung has an article about her first time bike commuting. She writes, “the experience was mentally exhausting, at once harrowing and cathartic.”

You can read the entire article here.

This story illustrates the major barriers that still exist for bike-curious people. A ride for a beginner can feel stressful and dangerous. Some of us are dedicated enough to put up with that, but we can’t expect everyone to.

Leung concludes by saying she’s not sure if she’ll bike to work again, but she still “couldn’t stop thinking about how I could bike more and drive less in other parts of my life.”

She cites statistics that show she is not alone. There are many people like her that want to bike more, but they aren’t willing to overcome the barriers.

As we make mobility options more equitable in our communities, we see more people choosing the ones they really want, not just the ones they’re forced to use.

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