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America Walks advocates teaming up with local libraries

Advocacy group America Walks has a new post on how to team up with your local library to improve the walkability of your community.

You can read it here: How and Why to Team up with your local librarian by Noah Lenstra.

Who is working with public librarians, and what are they doing with them? By understanding public librarians as partners, you too unlock their potential for your community’s walking movement.

He describes ten walking projects sponsored by libraries from across the continent, from Toronto to Florida. They are also quite timely–the projects are all from between June 21 and June 30 of this year.

If you’re looking for a partner to help with a walking project, or if you’re a library staffer looking for inspiration, then this guide looks like a handy resource. As the example projects indicate, walking advocacy is not a stranger to local libraries.

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