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New podcast “Cities Down South” discusses bicycle advocacy in Georgia

Cities Down South is a new podcast about “the places we live and how we get around them.” It’s hosted by Scott Berson from the Coastal Regional Commission of Georgia. He interviews Georgia locals about the issues affecting their communities.

Check out Cities Down South here, or in your podcast app of choice.

In the pilot episode, Scott interviews John Bennett, the Safety Education Programs Manager for Georgia Bikes. They discuss topics ranging from Bennett’s history of advocacy in Savannah, to e-bikes, to the new “bike boom” set off by recent lockdowns.

One small detail I enjoyed was when Bennett referred to himself as a “walkist” when he walked around Savannah. As I’ve written previously, we really need a better word for “person who walks.” I’m not sure if walkist is the right one, but I do like it better than the status quo of pedestrian.