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The Midnite Bicycle League Challenge journal
Image credit: Urban Adventure League

Just-for-fun challenge for the winter: Midnite Bicycle League 2020-21

I love just-for-fun bicycle challenges. They embody what bicycles are really about for me: having fun, building relationships, and just going outside to live life. Here’s one coming up soon: Midnite Bicycle League Challenge hosted by Urban Adventure League.

It’s pretty simple:

  • Ride your bike at night
  • Each ride at least 3 mi/5 km
  • Five times during the Challenge
  • You can do a maximum of two rides in a week
  • And you must do rides over two months during the Challenge

The Midnite Bicycle League Challenge will happen from 1 December 2020 to 28 February 2021. All times local.

There is a small fee to join, but that seems to mainly just cover the cost of the the materials. You get a fancy journal to log your rides.

Some people aren’t eager to ride at night, which I can understand. The Errandonnee challenge used to have a requirement to do a at least one ride at night, but removed it since there were some riders who never want to ride in the dark. I personally ride in the dark a lot, especially as I commute in the winter months. I know it can be a much different experience, but I wouldn’t discourage anyone from trying it.

The MBLC only requires five rides over two months, which seems quite doable to me. Just make sure you have a headlight, and bring a buddy!

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