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Bicycle gear: bikes with two child seats, and a frame bag shoulder pad

I love the gear aspect of bicycle culture. Riders have endless options for customizing their bicycles to match any taste or lifestyle. I’m always delighted to discover new gear, even if I personally have no need for it. And who knows? Maybe someone I meet on the trail will be glad to know these are out there.

Frame bag with shoulder pad

I avoid carrying my bike on my shoulder when possible. It’s heavy and awkward, which isn’t helped by its panniers and other gear. Thankfully, I don’t need to carry it often. But if you do need to carry yours, this product seems like a great idea. It attaches under the seat and inside the frame. It holds your small items and acts as a pad for when you need to swing your bike over your shoulder.

Bicycles with two child seats, by This Mom Bikes

This isn’t one product, but an article by Lindsay Bliek about the options for bicycles with two child seats. You may have not known, as I did not, that there are several types of bicycles that fit this category: longtails, bakfietsen, trikes, and mamachari. Bliek explains the difference between each type and offers suggestions on where you can purchase them. I think utility bicycles like these are always cool, mainly because I don’t see a lot in my area.

Do you have a cool piece of bicycle gear you found or DIYed? I’m always open to hearing about them.

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